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Timothy Anderson (1985)
LaDonna Barnwell (1985)
Tim Bergren (1985)
Holly Bergstrom (Sorensen) (1986)
Cathy Boone (Marincovich) (1985)
Steve Burke (1985)
Patty DeFore (Ladd) (1986)
Robert Denney
Eric Farmer (1986)
Rich Fitzer (1985)
Tracy Freeman (1985)
Louann Funaiock (Alexander) (1987)
Pamela Funaiock (Hill) (1986)
Colin Goehring (1986)
Merissa Greene (Atwood) (1985)
Robyn Guthrie (1985)
Lyle Hake (1987)
Kim Hinrichs (1986)
Claire Hughes (1987)
Christie Hungerford (Coykendall) (1986)
Tom Hux (1987)
Kathy Ikola (1985)
Jeff Jacobson (1985)
John Juhl (1985)
Suzie Klawitter (Denney) (1986)
Jeff Krogstad (1985)
Brenda Lemaster (Hux) (1987)
Carol Maakestadt (Anderson) (1985)
Mark Naylor (1986)
Kris Peterson (1986)
Paul Quist
Nathan Richman (1985)
Betsy Schelien
Vernon Schmidt (1986)
Ruth Sherwin (1986)
David Sorensen (1985)
Eric Stark
Lori Stime (1986)
Mark Stime (1986)
Laurie Swanson (Lillo) (1986)
Cloy Tobola (1985)
Celeste Triebwasser (Lundblom) (1985)
Bill Tweten (1985)
Kathy Whitney